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Why Dr. Barnes?

Dr. Thomas Barnes, M.D. coined the phrase Lunchtime Makeovers in 1998 while practicing cosmetic surgery in Newport Beach, California, where he has practiced for 17 years. He presented it on the nationally broadcasted Leeza Show.  Interest has skyrocketed, additional mini-procedures have been added and are available for you right now. As America’s original Celebrity “Red Carpet Surgeon,” he is the most popular makeover expert and sought after guest on TV shows for Newport Beach Orange County Liposuction and Facelift techniques. Dr. Barnes’ “Red Carpet Surgeon Beauty Secrets” are used everyday by well-known media professionals both in front of and behind the cameras in Hollywood! Dr. Barnes is the expert with Newport Beach SmartLipo, Newport Beach Orange County Liposuction, Skin Rejuvenation Lasers, eyelid rejuvenation, and face and body rejuvenation. In Newport Beach cosmetic surgery, Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery, Orange County cosmetic surgery, and California,  Dr. Barnes is one of the most well-known and highly respected aesthetic surgeons and lccturer at professional meetings. See Dr. Barnes on FOX GOOD DAY L.A. below!      His new #1 Best Selling Amazon book, The Secrets of Cosmetic Surgery is available on now!
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CLICK HERE for Dr. Barnes’ YouTube DrThomasBarnes Channel to see his many video updates on what’s new for you in Newport Beach cometic surgery! New Dr. Thomas Barnes cosmetic surgery videos will be going up weekly throughout  2011. Dr. Barnes and Leeza Gibbons Here are NINE amazing NEW cosmetic surgery technologies now available:

1) SmartLipo Laser Body Contouring – Many of our liposuction procedures are done in an hour or less and you can resume your daily routine right away with SmartLipo.  LIPOSUCTION NEWPORT BEACH ORANGE COUNTY – it’s the latest version of Newport Beach Smartlipo is the SmartLipoMPX for minimally invasive Smartlipo laser body contouring – for fast sculpting. Dr. Barnes is the first in this area to use this new SMARTLIPO MPX – he also teaches other physicians about lipo-contoruing and liposuction  to get safe, excellent results. We have people come from Beverly Hills liposuction and SmartLipo, Los Angeles liposuction and SmartLipo, Orange County/Newport Beach SmartLipo, Newport Beach liposuction, Beverly Hills SmartLipo, and even other states and countries for liposuction, SmartLipo, laser lipo and Newport Beach Tickle Lipo for excellent body contouring.  His mini-lift choices offer options for facial and neck aging and eyelid aging options which can be done awake in under an hour – Newport Beach Cosmetic surgery at it’s best!

2) Tickle Lipo – He is the first expert to use this new technology on the West Coast – over a year – Tickle Lipo is a liposuction device that removes fat with “vibrations” so that many patients actually laugh during their awake lipo procedures. There is virtually no discomfort, bruising, and minimal swelling.  He often does Tickle Lipo along with SmartLipo for even better results, more skin tightening with much less downtown. People are back to their routines in a day or two commonly. It’s the BEST for Liposuction Newport Beach Orange County!

3)  NEW – Lazy Lipo – The latest brand new, break-through awake lipo-contouring technology that will make your body contouring results even better. It’s a power assisted device that is fast healing, easy to use and with little discomfort for giving you new body contours usually done awake for small or large body areas. Dr. Barnes often uses Lazy Lipo along with his other contouring technologies for best possible results. It’s from Sound Surgical as PowerX, named Lazy Lipo by Dr. Barnes as it’s the new and easy way to get the body you want – Another option for Liposuction Orange County and Newport Beach!

4) The Vampire Facelift! – (Barely minimally invasive – NO cutting )  Using your own growth factors from a small amount of your blood (PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma), Dr. Barnes can inject your own natural growth factors into you facial skin to decrease the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles. It has been featured on TV recently. It is like having fillers (Restylane, Juvederm) injected to improve and rejuvenate your appearance with longer lasting results possible and it’s “natural” with no downtime! For more tightening, Facelift Newport Beach Orange County can give you even more results!

5) The Venus FaceLiftNEW!!!!! Dr. Barnes has put several technology and mini-procedure options together to help you get the “lift” you desire without any cutting or sutures. His breakthrough Venus Facelift helps rejuvenate the face and neck (lunchtime necklift – without “cutting” – with minimal downtime, little discomfort but with great results fast – a fuller, much more youthful appearing face neck, and skin. Fat transfer is a proven benefit for many to re-create a more youthful appearance, and now your own stem cells and regenerative cells can be added to the fat transferred to help with healing and longer lasting results. You can find out if the Venus FaceLift Newport Beach Orange County is for you when you have your complimentary consultation with Dr. Barnes. Combining Newport Beach liposuction, and Newport Beach SmartLipo with mini-procedures of the face can give you great results without an actual cutting facelift or necklift. Hands can be improved with the Venus Hand Lift, too.

6)  The Reaction for non-invasive RF skin tightening of the face with lines and wrinkle reduction. FINALLY – a non-invasive device that really does get results! One facial treatment takes about 45 minutes and after 3-4 treatments (one per month) the results can be remarkable – with no discomfort, no numbing creams needed. It is perfect for wrinkles of the eyelids, smile lines and even helps with loosness of jowls and neck skin.  Dr. Barnes often combines this with his his other procedures to get you the best results like Botox, fillers and the Vampire Lift. Great for Skin Tightening Newport Beach Orange County.

7) His new “ZERONA LASER for NON-Invasive body slimming – Patients are losing up to 5-8 inches off hips, wiast and thighs  merely sitting under the Zerona Laser low energy laser lights of this “miracle-type” invention. Dr. Barnes often combines Zerona Laser with Newport Beach Tickle Lipo, his Newport Beach liposuction and Newport Beach SmartLipo for faster healing, less bruising and swelling after his face and body contouring procedures. Laser Lite Lipo debut on ExtraIt is proven safe and effective – Dr. Barnes is the first physician on the west coast to be involved with this technology. He guarantees his patients will lose real inches FASTas this “laser zaps fat with light” – and feel no pain nor any discomfort, no needles, no lotions and no downtown at all. CALL NOW FOR A FREE APPOINTMENT TO LEARN HOW THE NEW ZERONA LASER – CAN MELT INCHES OFF your thighs, waist, love handles and abdomen in 6 short treatment sessions! In addition, sometimes a small Liposuction Newport Beach Orange County will give give you exactly what you want.

8)   THE VERJU LASER for CELLULITE REDUCTION! Clinical studies prove it really works!  One 30 minute treatment a week for 6 weeks or two per week for 3 weeks. Better for summer!

9) Our new SmartSkin” fractional C02 Laser will remove sun damage, lines and wrinkles  Newport Beach Orange County off your face, neck and chest skin in minutes – It’s done awake without any discomfort – and heals in a few days with virtually no downtime. It works by creating small laser dots in the skin which heals quickly. Agian, this DOT Therapy procedure is done awake with no pain or discomfort….Much more effective for lines and wrinkles than the Fraxel Laser and SmartSkin Laser (Fractional C02 Laser) heals faster and with much less discomfort. Dr. Barnes does most other cosmetic procedures as well including Newport Beach Facelifts, Newport Beach eyelid lifts, Newport Beach liposuction, and Newport Beach Smartlipo – Please review our Newport Beach cosmetic surgery options with links below or above “buttons” to surf the website. Some of our procedures and technologies are so new, they are not yet listed so call us if you have questions about what’s new to could help you reach your own personal goals

Dr. Barnes ON TV

Dr. Barnes is frequently on TV – The expert with Liposuction Newport Beach Orange County and facelift in Newprot Beach Orange County –  He has been seen on EXTRA, The Doctors, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Good Day LA many times recently –  and LIVE on the FOX NETWORK on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet with his ANTI – AGING MAKEOVERS… He stresses both inner and outer beauty in helping people create a new positive lifestyle as the Newport Cosmetic Surgery expert and Newport Beach liposuction expert. It is his goal to help you reach your own personal rejuvenation goals…Call for a complementary consultation today to find out how you can be your best in 2011… Dr. Barnes offers most other cosmetic surgery procedures, large and small. Call and ask us your questions – He does every one of his non-invasive and cosmetic procedures himself, including Botox injections, fillers and photofacial procedures, Newport Beach liposuction, SmartLipo, Tickle Lipo, and skin tightening with the SmartSkin, Syneron ReFirme and the new non-invasive PELLEVE (Radio Frequency) skin tightening and wrinkle reduction device are options done in minutes.

Awake “Lunchtime Makeovers” procedures include: CALL FOR DETAILS!
Botox® Cosmetic Injections Quick SartLipo & Tickle Lipo of the neck, face & body Awake
Awake Tummy Shrink Lift Neck Shrink lift (Lunchtime Necklift)  for Quick Results
KTP Laser for Broken Capillaries ReFirm or Pelleve Skin Lift to tighten and firm skin
Lip – Face Filler and Fat Enhancement Mini-Facial Fat Transfers for Rejuvenation
Fractional CO2 Laser for lines/wrinkles Photofacials to Rejuvenate Skin
Skin Care Perfection/Cellulite Cure Juvederm & Restylane Injections for lips, lines and wrinkles
Sclerotherapy (spider leg veins) Vampire and Venus Facelifts (Non-cutting) for Faces
VelaShape and VERJU LASER for Cellulite Zerona Laser for Non-Invasive Body Slimming FAST
“Face/Body Surgeries”  include: CALL FOR MORE DETAILS!
Eyelid Beautification Chemical Peels (TCA,etc.) for brown spots
Face/Neck Lifting Full Body SmartLipo – Tickle Lipo combination
CO2 Laser  for wrinkles and skin tighening! The “3-D” Lift – Cell Therapy for your Face – No Cutting“Butt-Lifts without Cutting” with FAT TRANSFER

One of our friendly staff is waiting to take your call. We will gladly provide you with more information and help you to schedule an appointment. Call us today at (949) 719-9700.